5 points to know about GASP LITE Led Panels.

5 points to know about GASP LITE Led Panels.

Discover the convenience of GASP LITE Led Panels

First, the System.

Second, What light core consist.

Light Core consist in special PMMA sheet laser marked with small dots, by previous algorithm calculation,

to obtain smooth and intense lighting from the panel. All that also thanks to the edge light provide form led

on side of the panels. To become a real lighting source

Third, GASP LITE quality of products used.

Gasp Lite use the best quality products in the market.

Highest quality Led from CREE to Nichia, that has the best efficiency in the world.

With fantastic light spectrum are two of the best producer of Led in the globe.

Evonik under the brand PLEXIGLAS is the unique producer could guarantee 30 years no

yellowish of the product.

Forth, Gasp Lite the quality of Italian Manufacture

Gasp Lite produce and guarantee all its product are Made in Italy.

The product procedure are very strict to arrange the best quality with best efficiency.

All detail of production are controlled to give to the customers the best product with

specific features. Quality and Made in Italy guarantee.

Fifth, Why buy Gasp Lite Led panels?

Our products have unique features.

Our quality is superior.

Our Led panels are very efficient.

Our Led panels have long life spam and no need maintenance.

Our product are always customizable.

We give you always the latest innovative products in the market.

We do research and innovation day by day

We have the best quality of the market value

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