Amazing fabric led lightbox for everyone and for everyplace

Amazing fabric led lightbox for everyone and for everyplace

We give everything you are looking for a product: Low weight, Low consumption, Low Price; High quality, High definition, High Result; How we do that?

In the market there are many fabric lightbox, and for sure in your mind you will ask:

Why yours is better than others?

We explain what we did!

GASP LITE make every day research for guarantee the perfect satisfaction of its customers, and 3 years ago we thought on same way.

What people are looking for in a FABRIC LED LIGHTBOX?

We thought that:

  • should be not heavy
  • should be perfect light diffusion
  • should be perfect printing quality
  • should be low power consumption
  • should be good looking structure
  • should be cheap

So we kept all this points and we studied a product that could cover all these need's.

  • Not heavy we reduced what is not necessary.
  • Perfect diffusion, we studied a special led modules with impressive lens that could distribute the light with 178° light angles
  • Perfect printing, we used the UV LED digital printing to increase the resolution and get best result
  • Low power consumption, thanks to the innovative led modules we can reduce the quantity inside the box, this reduce the final consumption of the panel
  • Good looking structure, we made simple and thinner extrusion only 55 mm and we can provide many finishing, like wood style, cooper, brass and pantone or RAL paint.
  • Low price, we reduced the price and not the quality, due the labor is much little than before, the cost of led, due lower quantity inside and these two propose can guarantee best price in the market.

What is the biggest different from others, there are not any led modules in the market that at the distance of 20 cm of inside lines could diffuse perfect homogenous light at the depth of 5.5 cm.

We are here for give you the best quality and economic fabric led lightbox. If you like to know the costs including delivery do not hesitate contact now!

Francesco Gasparinetti

Author Francesco Gasparinetti

Owner at RS International Snc

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Laura dorigatti wrote on wrote on 07:37

Sarei interessata ad un pannello luminoso di circa m.1x2. Il soggetto glielo posso indicare io ? indicativamente i tempi di consegna quali sono? Ed infine il costo. Cordiali saluti.

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Giovanni Bettinello wrote on wrote on 14:31

Sarei interessato a sapere il prezzo di una struttura 150cm x200Cm retroilluminato e sapere se la illuminazione è modulabile e se inviate in territorio spagnolo

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