Are you stressed, are you looking for relax, are you looking for better life...

Are you stressed, are you looking for relax, are you looking for better life...

We are not selling you a travel or a trip in same fiscal paradise, but we are offering you a product that could change your mood.

For almost of our life we live in the work place and home, and sometimes looking always at same place

is boring or make us even stressed.

So image that your life can change without changing all the places you have to go every day, office, home,

gymnasium, coffee, restaurants, shops and more.

First think of what relax your mind, could be a nice sky, a marvelous sea, a mountain full of snow, a garden

full of flowers, a huge water cascade.. and more and more.. 

So now keep the picture you have on your mind and fixed on the ceiling or any wall of your office, home

and all places you live your life.

Now we can introduce you our Skylight and Wall Mood led panel.

It consist in special led panel with environment and relaxing picture print directly on front of light panel,

thanks to the combination with high resolution digital UV led printing the picture looking more realistic.

This led panel are provided of full structure for recessed and also for concrete ceiling, are square of

595x595 mm for recessed and 1000x1000 mm for concrete. For wall are 1000x1000 mm in square or

round diameter 500 mm, 250 mm, 125 mm.

Custom size on demand.

So now when you go to work or come back home or any place you go if there is install a Skylight or a

Wall Mood led panel,  you can see the life in different way and when you are in stress just looking to a

relaxing picture and feel better.

Sometimes for change in better our life we need just a GASP LITE led panel.

For more information pricing and commercial condition contact us soon for first promotion, to

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Costantino wrote on wrote on 19:12

Salve vorrei un panello luminoso da parete immagine il mare

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