Christmas is coming! Shops are running to make their customers happy. How do they do it?

Christmas is coming! Shops are running to make happy their customers. How they do it?

Christmas is always an important religious event but it is also the period of presents and frenetic shopping.

Today we have to think to be the customer and not who sells on the shop. In this way, it is more easy to understand what customers are looking during the Christmas period.

First of all, when I am going to make shopping for Christmas presents, the decorations and lighting are the two things you notice in a shop. You have to enter in the atmosphere of the Christmas period. The shop has to look like a Christmas Tree.

Second, communication and pricing should be well signed, otherwise I could make a wrong choice. Essentially I am looking for clear indications in a shop and not for confusion (ex: I cannot understand colors, sizes, brand etc. etc..).

Third, the moving environment. If a shop is too small, with many people that don't even know the direction of exit, this will be stressful and will cost me mistakes in the right choice. In that case, I prefer to change shop.

Fourth and last, the service. The employees inside the shop should always smile, be comfortable and available at your needs.

Now I think we have the answer. How shops could sell more, in one phrase:

"With nice Christmas Lighting decoration I invite you to come in our shop to buy at best price our excellent products and in short time we will serve you and show all what you need for the best present you ever done before."

Decoration, lighting, right communication, good environment (right position of product display), wonderful service.

I think is the list that a shop should have always in mind to sell in a right way their products.


Francesco Gasparinetti

Author Francesco Gasparinetti

Owner at RS International Snc

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