Crazy for Brands, Sometimes too expensive, Why?


Brands if well know mean a status, so you want to know why you pay so much your status!

All brands of different producers make us feel good, change our state of mind and some time could also change our life style.

The brand is not only a logo, a word or just something print in a box, brand is something we looking for, something of exciting, something we love and we want.

So probably we ask us the question,

Why costing so much? 

But sometime we do not think about that because is something we want, price coming in second place after the need that could create a brand.

Anyway, I would like to explain, Why brands are so expensive, the people say "is to expensive, is better I buy Chinese product costs less... In any case also brand produce in China, they are the same...."

This what skeptics of brand say!

But Brand even if produce in China behind should have the following features:

Research, quality material, advertising, give you something other could not give you, keep you in a status, change the way you live.

The most simple example is Apple.

When you buy any device of Apple you enter in a special world, where you feel part of it.

Apple give all you need for be into this world and this is something that cheap staff could not giving you.

Brand are so expensive, because they invest, because they are present in your life, they are everywhere, you can just click on net you will find them, because they also invest on net, they invest in all for your happiness.

They are expensive because they do an original an unique product.

You newer buy a brand product? just try it!

I am not a sick person for brand product, but I can say, when I buy brand product I could feel and see the difference.

So think well before buying something, for sure if you buy a plastic spoon maybe does not make the difference, but shoes, mobiles, furniture's and almost of product you use a lot in your life make the difference.

I leave you with an example buy 15 €uro shoes in a shop and brand 64 €uro in a brand shop, wear for the same time in a period of one year and make them stress, running walking etc.. after that I will be here and let me know the result.

Last think buy a good brand shoes!!

Too all , was just my point of view so I respect also others and different from my, hope you can enjoy it.  

Francesco Gasparinetti

Author Francesco Gasparinetti

Owner at RS International Snc

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