Eyewear the store leading actor

Eyewear the store leading actor

It's amazing how a design can be so effective, and attract the needs and taste of a consumers.

It is remarkable efforts and amazing results that can make a great designer.
As a monochrome shop like this in the luxurious STORE FESTIVAL CITY MALL DUBAI, can attract attention. 

The thing that strikes me most in this design is the opening created in the middle that recalls the lens of a pair of glasses, which gives you two readings way. One is the desk with a leather chair that gives you a sense of professional security, according to the particular form object given to the shape of the wall that remember what you are interest to buy.

Details make the difference. 

Then entering it feels almost in heaven, in a neutral environment that relaxes you and allows the mind to choose calmly.

But all the while with the contribution that you know that a professional will be at your side to follow you and help you in a careful choice and right. Here the door to jump the gap in the wall golden tint.

My compliments to the implementer of the design Weltenbau Labor, who took full advantage of the talking points of the excellent design for the enhancement of the environment, and certainly did get the best result to attract customers.

Francesco Gasparinetti

Author Francesco Gasparinetti

Owner at RS International Snc

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