Gasp Lite Do It Better

What ?

We produce led panels!
Led panel is also commercial product.
But we do not make standard.
Our standard is the customization.
Our production is always unique.
Unique led panel mean cool product.
Cool product mean something different.
Different make the difference.
Led panel is not right name.
We do Gasp Lite led panel!

Led panels of Gasp

How ?

We keep best quality material.
Pmma form evonik (original plexiglas).
Best optical property.
The only one has 30 years no yellowish guarantee.
Led diode from best producers: Cree, Nichia and Epistar.
We design the pcb with less loss light dispersion.
Our pcb has high quality bin selection.
We design our extrusion and tools.
We make all production in Italy.
We develop high resolution led panels.
We make fire proof led panels.
We do led panel for medical and retail business.
Our led panels are reliable.
We reduce the costs and maintain highest quality as possible.
  Gasp Lite machine

 Why ?

We guarantee you light bin selection.
We guarantee you smooth light.
We guarantee uniform light.
We guarantee bright light
We guarantee long life.
We guarantee low consumption.
We guarantee you high efficiency.
We guarantee unique product.
We guarantee design product.
We guarantee special customization.
We guarantee best price compared to the quality.
We will assist you and support in your project and need.
We constantly do research and innovation.
  Gasp Lite Panels

Some numbers!

Best efficiency till 140lm/w.
Best cri form 80 to 95.
Best lm per sqm led panel 13000 lm.
Best low consumption from minium 38w/sqm to max 160w/sqm.
Best bin selection 3 step macadam.
Best color range selection from 2500k° to 7000k°.
Best light diffusion differences on frontal less than 5%.
Best fireproof solution b1 rating.
Best low weigh solution 9.6 kg/sqm.
Best price on quality product 30% less than concurrent.
More than 12 year experience in led panel business.
One studio of engineer dedicated develop the product.
One technical office for customization.
Three machines working and assembling.
Production capability 10.000 custom pcs. a month.
 Gasp lite Pictures

Gasp Lite Do It For You!

Francesco Gasparinetti

Author Francesco Gasparinetti

Owner at RS International Snc

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