How fast grow the led efficiency?

How fast grow the led efficiency?

On begin we use led as a light indicator, today is the best innovative lighting source!

On begin the efficiency was really little now we can even reach 303lm/W. with CREE.

It is incredible in a decade Led technology increase so much its efficiency that now is the best lighting source in the world.

So for understand better which are the advantage of efficiency we have to understand what efficiency is!

Efficient is something that safe power and make good performance. So if on the past I need 10W for make

300lm today with 2W I can reach easy 500lm, so with 5 time less of consumption I get higher result;

this is efficiency.

Image how the progress grow with only 10W today I can light a room.

Finally the led technology will grow day by day, and this will help us to save money for energy and have

Eco-life, we will help the environment and make brighter our houses, and any place where apply.  

GASP Lite already use best efficiency led on its Led panel, but soon will increase the range with more

efficient lighting source to obtain the best efficient led panel ever.

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