How recognize a real Made in Italy product?

How recognize a real Made in Italy product?

The market today is a jungle and is full of fake, and almost are Italian Fake!!

Made in Italy is well trust in all over the world, but in the market there a lot of fakes.

The consumer if not well informed trust what on label is write, so they really think to buy Made in Italy products.

How we can understand better what we buy?

Essentially, we have to know what we buy!

One of the most common example is the Parmesan or better Parmigiano. In the market is full of fakes,

to avoid we have to know first the original package, the look like, and also approved marks should be put

on the product. Now better than the past the net is very helpful, so before buying something keep all the

information you need.

Food and beverage is not the only filed that is attack from the huge amount of false and copies. One more

business is the fashion, and in that case there are few think to know about fake. Sometimes is very hard

find a real full Made in Italy producer, because due to the low costs of China labor make send all big company

to produce there, sure quality and material are well controlled, but is not real Made in Italy, we can say is

Design in Italy

In Italy there are a few brand really produce in the territory, and they are excellence in the market due to

the high quality result product.

Produce in Italy is not for sure easy; high taxation, cost of labor and many other aspect very difficult to explain.

But What distinguish our territory is that the real Made in Italy producer love what they do and all love they have

they put on the product they produce. Is for this that real Italian product is an exclusive think, something that

you could recognize from others, thanks to the big knowledge put on it.

So if you like and love real Made in Italy products use always the right way to buy it, otherwise, you will

have a Fake, but also you could not enjoy what Italian taste can offer you.

GASP LITE produce in Italy its product, all material we use is high quality and well tested components,

we give to people our art and passion to give the best we can do, a real Made in Italy Led panel.

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