Illuminated signs: we can do!

Illuminated signs: we can do!

Luminous signs are big, small, shaped, logos, bright, colored... What today could be different from all present in the market!! GASP LITE do it!

We should understand that right communication of your brand is the best way to attract people into your shop.

So image to enter in a shopping center and have on front of you two shops, one with small sign no lighted, beside a shop with cool illuminated sign with right light to do not effect the reading of the brand.

That make the difference.

So GASP LITE luminous sign department develop the custom signs for you.

  • Channel letters, light boxes, shapes and logo all you need to communicate inside or outside your shop we do.
  • We upgrade a lot our expertise in channel letter with very thin depth only 20 mm thick, very low.
  • We can arrange special shape letters, full light for your need.

Now you can really buy a design illuminated sign, thin cool and unique, the right element to attract customer, Who love your brand and how you show tham. We give you what other could not give you.

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Francesco Gasparinetti

Author Francesco Gasparinetti

Owner at RS International Snc

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