Led panel light of Gasp Lite

Led panel light of Gasp Lite

Does it seem that everywhere around you is brightly lit and vibrant except your own space? That's the difference an LED panel light can make. They are not created equal though and it is important to get them from a manufacturer that is known for quality.

Gasp Lite is that company; it is the Italian company that is known for premium quality. The Gasp Lite name is well known beyond the borders of Italy thanks to partners located all around the world. The goal is to satisfy the precise needs of every client which is done by manufacturing customized panels as well as standard ones. Customization includes the production of all sizes of panels from small to very large ones in different shapes and with modular structures and printed design elements.

Gasp Lite products

Gasp Lite manufacture different types of LED light panels including;

  • Magnetic
  • Fabric
  • Leaf
  • Sandwich
  • Skylight

Every type of LED panel light offers different advantages that make it ideal for particular applications. Magnetic I are easy to swap thanks to the detachable magnet and finishes that are highly refined and customized. Their design can be compared to that of an iPad. The Fabric LED Panel is also highly customizable thanks to the fabric insert which is easy to remove and change thanks to the rubber edging. Gasp Lite has a new wide-angle LED modules of 178° that optimize light diffusion with very low energy consumption.

Leaf panels provide more versatility with the varying thicknesses which can be used to effect to create a lot of different possibilities. These frameless panels can be as slim as 10 millimeters and they can be modular and in standard or customized shapes. The Sandwich Led Panel is made to satisfy those who may need a very thin light source which can be as thin at 9 millimeters. It's the best choice where the goal is for a company to make its own customized LED panel light. There are also the Skylight which are made for different purposes such as ceiling lighting like luminous skylight and wall panels such as those put up for visual communication.

Advantages of an LED panel light

Flexibility thanks to panels that are interchangeable

  • Energy efficiency
  • Perfect light and color rendering
  • Long lasting parts that require very little or no maintenance
  • Presence, touch and weight sensors for dimming and activation
  • Perfect quality of graphics.

Broadly speaking, LED panel light has different applications most commonly in the areas of interior design, advertising and giving information. This is done using: 

  • LED wall panels
  • Luminous signs
  • LED ceiling panels
  • Visual communication
  • Visual merchandising
  • Illuminated shelves,
  • LED signs and back signs, advertising and information
  • Ceiling and wall lighting
  • Decorative panels and frames with graphics and textures that are illuminated

Top quality products and services

Gasp Lite works with a customer from start to finish until they have the precise LED panel light display they want. Apart from LED panel light standard and customized manufacturing, the company also handles installation which is also done to the highest standard.

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