Led panels: everything you need to know!

Led panels: everything you need to know!

Type, features and applications of LED’s

Are you riding on the LED panels wave of technology? This is technology that is being used to come up with some very unique displays in advertising, enhanced television viewing, architecture, commercial displays and other applications.

LED panels are an array of Light-Emitting Diodes that are individually placed and designed in such as way that precise video patterns can be seen from a distance. A light emitting diode is made up of a semiconductor chip with a surrounding transparent plastic case that allows light to pass through. Emission of different colors including ultraviolet and infrared light is determined by the semiconductor material used in the diode.

This development was first used for billboard advertisements, gaming displays and store signs. Today, they are also being used for general lighting displays because they are more versatile than conventional lighting and for the benefit of reduced energy demands.

The modules are also commonly used in television design. LED TVs are much brighter than liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and they have much better color variation. They are also more energy efficient than LCDs and plasma displays and they last longer too. Some panels can keep going for 30,000 to 50,000 hours and others are designed to last for up to 100, 000 hours.

LED panels designs

There are two basic formats of designs.

Slim Led PanelsOne is conventional or original LEDs. They have a display head of approximately an eighth of an inch or 0.32 cm in diameter. They are put in square clusters on individual blue, yellow, red or green LEDs in the likeness of a pixel display of a computer. These kinds of displays are typically used where intense brightness is not required. The more sophisticated displays are based on a light-emitting diode that is very small, smaller even that the head of a pin. In the industry, these panels are referred to as a surface-mounted device (SMD). The blue, green and red LEDs in a SMD display are mounted on a computer-controlled circuit board as single units. Their minute size makes it easy to view a display from a distance without the distortion that a standard display would have.

The second type of design is SMD-designed panel displays. These are used where the goal is intense brightness and quick fluctuation. These led panels are desirable for billboards and commercial displays like outside retail stores or gaming shops. They are also being used more and more for traffic signals and lights and lighting stages for theater stage and TV and film sets.

Types of LED Displays

An LED panel is made up of a number of LEDs and the display is made up of several panels. There are various types of displays.

They are categorized according to color, display type, common pin value, the number of digits, alpha and matrix bars, packaging type and the size of the digit, alpha and matrix that ranges from 0.03 to 0.40 inches. Dot matrix, light bar and seven segments are the most common types of display type.

LED panels are also categorized according to their purpose. There are light, ceiling, wall, customized and ultra-slim panels.

LED light panels

These are sheets of clear acrylic that are illuminated from the side via LED strips which creates a very thin light source that can be used to effect. The panels have many applications such as backlighting graphics on transparent and translucent materials like stone, acrylic and frosted glass. This can be used to create special effects lighting for architectural projects, retail spaces and interior decoration.

Led ceiling Panels

LED ceiling panels

These offer many more benefits than incandescent and fluorescent lights. Two of the main ones are high energy efficiency and a long lifespan. Also, LEDs are compact which gives much more flexibility when it comes to design. LED ceiling panels downlights typically fit into ceiling voids that are relatively shallow. They are also the more hygienic solution for large spaces such as offices, schools and hospitals. These panels are a big development from old fluorescent modular ceiling fittings.

LED wall panels

LED wall panels make it possible to create wall of light. This is done for advertising and it is also used to create brilliant architectural displays using shades of white light and was color changing red, green and blue LEDs. This can be done on different surfaces such as plain and digitally printed glass, polycarbonate, punched metal, translucent stone and others.

The best results are realized from ultra LED light panels that provide very thin and robust lighting. Another good option is Matrix LED light panels which give unmatched light output and very good value for money. Structural support for LED panels and the surface they are on is very important to avoid problems related to witness marks and wrong structural calculations. LED wall panels can be seen on feature walls, splash backs, columns and artificial windows.

Custom LED panels

LED light panels in shades of white including warm, neutral and daylight and red, green and blue optical acrylic sheets can be custom-made to suit specific shapes and dimensions for a project. This gives the result of a vibrant and uniform output that is optimized for backlighting translucent material. The light levels and kelvin temperature or the red, green and blue output can also be customized. Multiple output level options that are fully dimmable and being able to embed LEDs along one, two, three or all four edges of the acrylic provides panels that are fabricated to the perfect light level for a backlit application.

Slim LED panels

Ultra-slim panels adopt super bright LEDs that are durable, stable and that product no IR or UV emission. Anodised aluminum frames enhance durability and also create perfect sound. Power from a low voltage stable current driver optimizes energy efficiency.

Ultra slim panels are as slim as 12 millimeters thick. They can be hung on pendants, mounted on a surface or recessed. They can be customized for architectural and interior design applications. They can be used in homes and commercial spaces like stores, hotels, offices, hospitals, schools and others.

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