Retail Lighting: which light choose for the illumination of a shop!

Qual è il colore di luce adeguato da scegliere per l'illuminazione di un negozio!

Light is our life, so if light is better we have better life!

Probably we never think about that, or maybe we did but for sure we unconsciously perceived, lighting in retail shop is constantly influence our perception of things.

To understand better for what I am speaking about, I will give you very easy explanation about two factor in Led lighting industries we have to focus.

CCT and CRI are value that for retail are very important.

  • CCT or better color correlated temperature going to identified the right color selection of the light you going to choice.
  • CRI or better color rendering index is a quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source.

So if in our shop we have to make the right lighting choice is better always to ask professional help us.

For sure shops are different one from each other and also inside have different ambient and corner that we have to consider, for have an uniformity of lighting evaluation we have to understand well how the product could have better aspect with right light.

So the CCT choice is focus first to the result on the ambient lighting.

If I have to light a fashion shop where have many clothing with different colors right choice will be 4500K° a natural light that remember the light of the sun during middle of the day.

If I have to light a jewelry the best suppose to be 6000K° Cold white, but in same shop we could use different light for different products, gold will have very good result with 3000K° warm white.

So Light designer could help you really well in this case.

After the CCT also CRI in retail industries has start to be really important due the color rendering index make very different result on lighted product.

We show you here bellow the difference form CRI 70 to CRI 97.

As show the food industries is one that could have more difference due to their quality aspect. What apple do you will buy?

Francesco Gasparinetti

Author Francesco Gasparinetti

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lilli wrote on wrote on 21:45

salve. vorrei chiedere consiglio , per la farmacia qualle luce viene usata? grazie mille. lilli.

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Moreni Mauro wrote on wrote on 20:28

Chiedo gentilmente di dirmi che tipologia di luce devo mettere tubi al neon con starter e reattore in un negozio di ortofrutta grazie . Ringrazio della vostra gentile risposta Moreni Mauro tubi da 36 20 58 watt

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