When everything seems nice, but something hasn't been taken into account

Quando tutto sembra bello, ma qualcosa non viene preso in considerazione

Retail professionals understand all the aspects of Visual Merchandising, and how the products need to be presented to the customers.

Having worked in this sector for many years now, I have naturally developed a critical eye for things that regard my field, and have maximum respect for those who develop the concepts, and those who bring them to life. But sometimes you encounter certain prominent aspects that make you ask: "why was it done this way when the technology available on the market can provide for better results?".

Take a look at the photos below


Everything looks pleasant and nice, but do you notice what tends to catch your eye?

Its the magnificent ceiling lighting structure, with its intelligent, creative, and stylish design. But this isn't an elegant and trendy locale, pub, or shop... it's a pharmacy. The consumers are browsing for health and beauty products, and medications.

In my opinion, therefore, one extremely important aspect has not been taken into account: the backlighting. As you can see, the shelves don't have uniform lighting, the products aren't clearly lit, and the display areas are dark.

This is a fundamental aspect of Visual merchandising. The communication should be clear, and the backlighting must be soft and diffused, without any dark areas in between, thus keeping the customer's attention on the shelves, rather than on the ceiling lights.

This is an aspect that was probably underestimated for financial reasons, but in my professional opinion, less overbearing ceiling lights and more carefully designed backlighting on the shelves would have resulted in a better product presentation, and would likely have increased the customers' interest and improved sales.

The same goes for the cash desks. Again, I would have provided for uniform lighting without any shadowy areas in order to better draw the customers' attention to them, even if this is an aspect of lesser importance compared to the shelves and the product presentation.

My opinion, however, is not critical of this nice shop. I simply like to highlight the aspects of my work that we encounter everyday in the led panel industry: two led strips, in fact, cannot replace an entirely illuminated panel. The photos below help us to better understand the difference.


The light intensity can be adjusted to ensure that product is always visible. 

Francesco Gasparinetti

Author Francesco Gasparinetti

Owner at RS International Snc

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