About Us

GASP LITE is the ideal partner for the custom production of LED panels. We design our products to meet your specific needs, whatever your requirements. We boast an international presence, with partners all over the world ready to provide immediate service.

GASP LITE is a youthful and innovative company with proven technical and professional experience in the field of LED lighting.

We design and manufacture high quality LED products, both standard and customized, based on the needs of our Clients.

In particular, we specialize in the production of small to extremely large Led panels in special shapes, with modular structures, and for various types of applications, even complete with printed design elements.

GASP offers technical design and Customer support services capable of meeting even the most demanding requirements. Offering innovation, versatility, speed, quality, affordability, and exceptional service, GASP is the ideal partner for all your needs in terms of standard and customized LED panels.