Led ceiling panel

Gasp lite produces and sells customized LED panels ideal for any kind of use. In the wide range of our products we include also the led ceiling panels.

Features of Led ceiling panels

The led ceiling panels allow to light large spaces with low power consumption and are designed to last for years. The strength of a LED panel is the duration (studies declare that the LED bulbs can last for about 10/11 years with uninterrupted lighting!) and the color rendering.

Applications of Led ceiling panels

The LED panels of Gasp, like the Skylight Led Panel, is a good compromise between light and bright decor.
Thanks to the different finishes they are used to decorate every kind of environment: in addition to the classical lighting of shops, offices, gyms, hotels and fairs, they can be used to decorate and brighten up even your home!

In fact we create led ceiling panels with wood effect edges, colored front, customized thickness, texture of print and digital sensors of "on" or "off". We can create any type of panel, the only limit is your imagination! For example we have created the thinnest no frame led panel with only 7mm of thick!

Do not hesitate, contact us and give your home or work office the right personality with a ceiling panel of Gasp Lite!

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