Led panels

Do you wanna buy LED panels to light up your business or your home environment?
Gasplite is the ideal company for you!

Features of Led panels

Led panels apply the mechanism of the array of light emitting diodes to generate light. The lights observe the energy conservation principle during the process of conversion of the current to light. Led panels are made to replace the standard high voltage electric bulbs and fluorescent tubes. The invention of such lights has been the effort of seeking energy saver lights that can facilitate cut down on energy usage.

We sell panels for stores, pharmacies, companies and fashion shops.

Discover our LED PANELS

For a better use of the GASP web site we have divided our product in five categories:


In this section you will find LED panels ideal for visual communication. This type of panels own a frame Magnetic steel, a system backlight dots in polycarbonate and a polyethylene terephthalate support.
These panels are completely customizable and you can use them anywhere!
Thanks to their practical magnet you can change their graphics whenever you want without difficulty.


The “LED fabric panels” have an excellent price, they are made with an aluminum profile and they have a perfect quality graphics that fit for shops, department stores and jewelers.


These LED panels are ideal to be inserted in niches or shelves. They have a front printed in digital and can be equipped with motion sensors. These products can be shaped with forms of any type.


If you need a thin product the “sandwiches LED panels” are ideal for your needs. They fit in display racks, or shops and much more. Gasp lite will be able to advise you the best solution to use them.


These fantastic panels are ideal to illuminate and furnish a room. They are used as luminous signs in airports and stations but are also great for the domestic environment. They are durable and do not require much maintenance.

What we have described above is only a small taste of what you can find in our website. 
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