Sandwich Led Panel

Marked led panel

Sandwich Led Panel

The Sandwich LED Panel is a product developed by Gasp Lite for various manufacturing companies that expressed the need for an extremely thin light source. The product, which starts at just 9 mm in thickness, is ideal for being inserted into glass cabinets, display cases, store furnishings, and more. The Gasp Lite technical office is always available to provide advice on the best possible uses for this light source.

  • An excellent product for those who want to customize their LED panels on their own
  • An optimal light source
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customization possibilities
Technical characteristics


Minimum size: 50X50 mm
Maximum size:  1500X3000 mm
All intermediate sizes from 50x50 to 1500x3000 mm
Possibility of creating custom shapes upon request, maximum circle diameter 1000 mm
Custom sizes subject to feasibility


9, 10, 11, 13 mm 

Light intensity

max 2000 lm m2

Light colors

6000K°, 4000, 3000K°
color mix RGB, RGBW,CW
+ custom colors with minimum order quantities.

Flame retardant

This product is not available in the flame retardant version.


minimum 70
maximum 90
in regular use 80

Sectors of use
  • Clothing
  • Computers
  • Jewelry shops
  • Mobile stores
  • Hotel
  • Pharmacies
  • Trade fairs
  • Supermarkets
  • Optical stores
  • Oil industry
  • Home
  • Large-scale retail
  • Wellness
  • Interior Design
  • Leisure
  • Automotive
  • Restaurants
  • 24 volts direct current

    24 volts direct current

  • Operating temperature

    Operating temperature

  • Suitable for indoor use

    Suitable for indoor use

  • Ceiling mountable

    Ceiling mountable

  • For use with safe extra low-voltage

    For use with safe extra low-voltage

  • Wall mountable

    Wall mountable

  • Protected against dust deposits

    Protected against dust deposits