Luminous signs

Luminous signs use light emitting diodes to generate visual light that is used in outdoor billboards, destinations signs on road transport and stage lighting in music and film industries. 

Application and advantages of led panel for luminous signs

The led panels for luminous signs have been made to replace the old types of signage that were based on hand written and ink printed materials. 

They apply the use of discrete light emitting diodes that provide green, blue and red colors that are driven together to a complete color pixel that normally takes the shape of a square. They are the most efficient signs with minimal cost of maintenance.

Luminous signs also incorporate the use of an array of light emitting diodes combined together to form pixels for video display. Light emitting diodes are placed at the sides of the panel or frame and when current is passed through them, they generate light which is diffused by the diffuser to illuminate the signs. 
Led panel for luminous signs are mostly used in outdoor billboards for advertisement. This is due to their clarity on outdoor signage that do not get interference from the environment. The maintenance of Led panel for luminous signs is easy to do since they are made with components that can easily be removed and fixed without changing the whole sign. 

Luminous signs are also used in stage lighting, since the intensity of lighting during performances is easy to control and due to the ability to provide a mixture of stage background colors which are favorable for stage performance.

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