Decorative panels and frames with illuminated graphics and textures

GASP LITE offers LED advertising panels designed specifically for decorative use. They feature a modern design, numerous customization possibilities, and a high aesthetic impact, thus giving personality to the environment and drawing the attention of passersby.

The term decorative panels and frames refers to picture frames and rigid panels, each with digital printing and with the possibility of having dedicated textures.

In addition to being used to decorate retail stores or to highlight certain promotional messages, for example, these illuminated LED panels also embellish their surrounding environments by rendering them more modern, elegant, and appealing.

The decorative LED advertising panels by GASP LITE include the Fabric Led Panels and the Leaf Panels.

The first, which feature a digitally printed removable fabric insert, an aluminum frame, and a wide lighting angle, are an elegant and energy efficient solution of high visual impact.

The second, or rather the Leaf Panels, are entirely illuminated LED panels with a minimum thickness of just 10 mm, and offer a wide range of shape customization possibilities.

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