Display preparation and visual merchandising

GASP LITE manufactures specific LED panels for the preparation of window displays and visual merchandising applications.

Capable of aesthetically enhancing the display cases themselves, and consequently the displayed products as well, these LED panels provide exhibition areas and showcases with a modern, refined and cutting-edge design that will be sure to draw the attention of everyone who passes by.

In particular, the two most highly-recommended LED panel models are the Fabric Led Panels and the Skylight Led Panels.

The former are LED panels with aluminum frames and removable fabric inserts that feature a 178° lighting angle and excellent energy efficiency. These LED panels are ideal for use in clothing store windows, jewelry shops, exhibition stands, interior design applications, and more.

The Skylight Led Panels, on the other hand, are LED panels with a wide range of frame finishes that are extremely versatile, offer bright and vibrant color rendering in a uniform manner, and provide for excellent energy efficiency.

They are widely used in the clothing, hotel, food and beverage, and jewelry sectors, as well as for trade fairs and numerous other occasions.


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