Illuminated information and communications

GASP LITE has developed its range of Magnetic I-Panel LED Panels specifically for use in the field of illuminated communications.

This field of application includes illuminated signs, or rather all types of illuminated objects and signs used to indicate a direction, to warn of a hazard, or to communicate a message to passersby.

For example, illuminated signs are used to indicate escape routes, smoking prohibitions, the locations of conference rooms, etc.

For these purposes, the LED panels that GASP LITE recommends are its Magnetic I-Panels

.These special LED panels are highly versatile and uniquely designed, and are ideal solutions for jewelry stores, banks, pharmacies, and any other applications that require effective and high-impact visual communication tools.

Our Magnetic I-Panels are LED panels that offer extremely reduced thicknesses, elegant finishes and countless customization possibilities.

Another extremely important feature is that their graphic elements can be easily replaced thanks to the removable magnet.


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