Illuminated shelves

Designed to create solutions of high visual impact, our Leaf Panel LED panels are ideal for creating illuminated shelves and shelving units that enhance the surrounding environment, thus drawing the customer's attention to the products on display.


LED panels are being increasingly used to create illuminated shelves.


Thanks to their elegant design, energy efficiency, and excellent aesthetic appeal, LED panels are capable of illuminating shelves with colors and design effects of enormous visual impact.

From illuminated glass shelves, to complete illuminated shelving units, and even counter tops, LED panels are capable of enhancing their surrounding environments and drawing the attention of passersby.

They're often used in pubs and restaurants, stores, salons, exhibition stands, and supermarkets to create shelves and shelving units for displaying and rendering products more appealing.

The LED panels that GASP LITE has developed to create illuminated shelves of significant aesthetic impact are its Leaf Panels. Their minimum size, in fact, can reach 50x50 mm, with a thickness of 10 mm, and they're entirely illuminated with no frames.

Custom sizes can be created upon request.

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