Interior design

GASP LITE has designed a line of energy efficient LED panels of high visual impact for interior design applications.

Light plays a role of fundamental importance in the field of interior design.

Not only is it a functional element, but it's also a unique protagonist that's capable of giving style and personality to the surrounding environment.

Therefore, when taking about interior design and decorations for stores, office, pubs and restaurants, etc., it's important to choose lighting elements that will highlight and exalt the various environments.

This can be done extremely well using Fabric Led Panels.

In fact, these special LED advertising panels, which are recommended for use in jewelry shops, car showrooms, exhibition stands, retail stores, supermarkets, etc., are one of the most widely-used visual communication solutions thanks to their versatility and effectiveness.

They're easy to handle (the removable fabric insert allows for the visual communication elements to be quickly changed), extremely bright (the 178° lighting angle ensures maximum light efficiency), and highly energy efficient, thus rendering them the LED advertising panels with the best available price-quality ratio.

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