Light decor

GASP LITE's LED panels for the light decor industry include its Leaf Panels, which can be perfectly integrated within the surrounding environment to enhance the aesthetic appeal.

The term light decor refers to the idea of light not only as a light source, but also as a complement that increases the aesthetic appeal of the surrounding environment.

When harmoniously integrated within their environments, light sources become part of the decor itself.

The GASP LITE LED panels most commonly used in the field of light decor are the Leaf Panels. These entirely illuminated panels are extremely versatile in terms of thickness. One of their most highly appreciated features, in fact, is their exceptionally thin 10 mm format.

With their optimal brightness and frameless and modular design, Leaf Panel LED panels are ideal for furnishing niches, showroom shelves and shelving units, stores, hotels, restaurants, pharmacies, exhibition stands, supermarkets, and more, in a stylish and original manner.


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