Light source

GASP LITE is specialized in the production of LED panels for every field of application. A wide range of solutions that allow for the replacement of conventional light sources with the latest LED systems.

GASP LITE manufactures LED panels that are capable of replacing any light source.

In this regard, the Sandwich Led Panels are the most versatile products available, even in terms of sizes and shapes.

In fact, the Sandwich Led Panel was designed to meet the need for a thin lighting tool (minimum thickness 9 mm) that can be used for a wide range of applications.

In addition to being used as promotional signs, panels and displays, or furnishing elements for stores, offices, pubs and restaurants, our Sandwich Led Panels can even be inserted into niches with an opal screen placed in front of them to create splendid illuminated panels.

In this manner, anyone can replace their existing light sources with an energy efficient LED system of high aesthetic impact.

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