Panels and product displays

GASP LITE has developed a line of LED panels designed to be used in combination with product display cases. These elegant and refined solutions are capable of enhancing the appeal of the products on display at any store.

Display cases must exalt the products they contain in such a way as to draw the attention of potential customers and encourage them to make purchases. Our panels and lighting solutions for display cases, in fact, are designed to enhance the appeal of the products on display at the sales points.

The LED panels most commonly used in combination with display cases are the Sandwich Led Panels. These LED panels designed by GASP LITE are ideal for those in search of a particularly thin and versatile lighting solution (minimum thickness 9 mm). In fact, they're entirely customizable in terms of shape, size, controls, lighting effects, and more.

Another solution is the Leaf Panel, a thin and frameless LED panel (minimum thickness 10 mm) that's entirely illuminated and offers countless aesthetic and functional customization possibilities.

Thanks to their versatility, these panels and lighting solutions for display cases can be used for a wide range of decorative applications in stores, supermarkets, jewelry shops, hotels, pubs and restaurants, car showrooms, exhibitions stands, and more.


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