Visual Merchandising

In order to meet the needs of visual merchandising and the preparation of product display areas, GASP LITE offers its complete range of SANDWICH LED PANELS. A highly versatile solution of enormous visual impact.

GASP LITE manufactures LED panels for visual merchandising purposes.

The range of LED panels designed for this field of application include the Sandwich Led Panels, which are ideal solutions for enhancing and embellishing display cases and other product showcasing areas.

These LED panels not only increase the aesthetic appeal of store, hotel, office, supermarket, restaurant and exhibition stand interiors, but the resulting lighting effects also highlight the beauty of the products on display.

Our Sandwich Led Panels are not merely light sources of high aesthetic impact, in fact, but also boast a particularly modern and attractive design that renders them an extremely original and stylish furnishing element on their own.

They can be fully customized in terms of shape, size, lighting effects, and more, and are therefore ideal for use in product showcasing areas, as decorative panels, as illuminated back panels for display cases and shelving units, and as illuminated communication systems.

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